John Oliver found the one word Trump uses when he doesn’t understand a topic

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A lot has happened since Last Week Tonight was last on the air, but John Oliver zeroed in on two particular Donald Trump moments that both, in their own way, reveal Trump’s biggest tell.

He sided with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling over members of his own party and officially ended DACA. Those each offered moments of confusion. A report from the New York Times indicated that he “might not fully grasp” what he was doing by ending DACA, and he told reporters after making the debt ceiling deal with Democratic leaders that “we’re going to make a lot of people happy.”

Oliver’s conclusion—that Trump has no idea what he’s doing—is not a far-reaching one. However, he’s figured out just how we know that he has no idea how he’s doing. Just wait for Trump to tell someone they’ll be happy or his decision will make them happy. It’s to shut down the conversation. 

“OK listen, because this is important: any time Trump says he’s going to make people happy, or that you’re going to be happy in the future, that means he has got nothing and he’s trying to end the conversation,” Oliver explained. “Remember, that’s how he shut down Chuck Todd on the plane. And he doesn’t just do it with immigration, he does it with everything.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Oliver has more than a few clips to showcase just how often he does it. The next time we hear it might be enough to raise some eyebrows.

H/T the Daily Beast

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