Kimmel makes kids cry

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t expect so much crying when he tossed parents a nugget of comedy gold, suggesting, “Tell them you ate their Halloween candy.” 

Eating your kids Halloween candy will make them mad. Or cry. Or both.  

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to parents who might be watching: film your child as you tell them you ate all their Halloween candy.

Kimmel, who has issued YouTube challenges in the past, like waking kids up for school during summer vacation, or an April Fools Day prank involving a rubber snake, said of the challenge results: “I guess I didn’t expect so much crying.”

“I thought the kids would be mad, but almost every one of them cries,” Kimmel added.

Highlights from the segment include one girl calling her father “ugly,” and a son telling his mom in anger “good for you, now you’ll probably get a belly ache.”

The segment, uploaded yesterday, is currently on the front page of Reddit, under the title “Scumbag Jimmy Kimmel” — a reference to a popular meme known as “Scumbag Steve.”

The son who tells his mother she will get an upset stomach for eating two bags of candy was easily Reddit’s favorite, to the point where some redditors said they changed their mind about not having kids.

“Omigosh, it gets even cuter. I’m blown away by the self-control, maturity, and adorable brotherly love. GOOD. KIDS. “ wrote Frl_Bennet in a comment on Reddit.

“He was so cerebral about it. His reaction was not “YOU ATE MY CANDY?” rather than “Why would one eat that much candy?!” Awesome kid.” commented mattmacneil.

At press time, the video of the “bellyache” children had just as many views on YouTube as the Jimmy Kimmel segment.

Did Kimmel inadvertently discover new talent?

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