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Jessica Chastain’s blurry Facebook pics from her birthday just make her more perfect

How can someone who is basically a human-princess-unicorn hybrid become even more endearing? This is how. 


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Jessica Chastain has somehow managed the near-impossible feat of combining “Stars: They’re just like us,” with “No freaking way, this celebrity is living THE BEST POSSIBLE LIFE.”

Mostly known for making serious, Oscar-contender movies, Chastain isn’t exactly tabloid fodder. For her 37th birthday party she went to a karaoke bar like a totally normal person, and then uploaded a bunch of blurry cell phone photos to her public Facebook page, also like a totally normal person.

A normal person who has multiple Oscar nominations and is friends with Tom Hiddleston, that is.

Is anyone surprised that Tom Hiddleston is very serious about poring over that book of karaoke songs in the background? No? Yeah, OK, we could’ve predicted that one a mile off.

Happy birthday, Jessica Chastain. And congratulations on being so chill.

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