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YouTube star Jesse Wellens turns to Twitter to help find missing mom

The ‘PrankvsPrank’ vlogger needs your help.


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YouTuber Jesse Wellens—whose PrankvsPrank channel has more than 9.3 million subscribers—took a break from comedy Wednesday evening to tweet about something more serious.

His mother, who suffers from depression, has gone missing near his hometown in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Wellens hopes that his legions of fans might be able to help spot her. 

Wellens first tweeted a photo of a light gold 2000 Lexus RS, the car his mom was last seen driving:

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He then followed up with a note from his phone that provided more detail, and a photo of his mother to help people ID her:

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The tweets sparked an outpouring of fan support. One fan started the hashtag #FindJessesMom to try and get it trending:

The YouTuber was silent overnight, but tweeted Thursday morning thanking fans for their encouragement: 

And updated Thursday afternoon with her license plate number:

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The Daily Dot has reached out for comment and will update with any information. If you think you might have information that could help, Wellens can be reached via his Twitter.
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