Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey creating ‘The Office’ podcast


When The Office aired its last episode back in 2013, approximately 5 million viewers tuned in. After nine seasons–most of which reached critical acclaim–the show’s end left a gaping hole in the heart of fans–as big as the state of Pennsylvania.

But now, fans are in for a treat: Two of the show’s stars, Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela), are teaming up to release a podcast about the show. The podcast, tentatively titled Office Ladies, will feature the pair once a week as they discuss an episode of The Office.

Fans on Twitter responded to the news with excitement and a whole lot of The Office-inspired humor. “If Phyllis was part of it they could name it the party planning committee,” one Twitter user wrote.

One even invoked the show’s infamous “that’s what she said” line.

The first episode of the podcast will be available on Oct. 16 on Spotify, Apple, among other platforms.


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Tiffanie Drayton

Tiffanie Drayton

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