Ja Rule is getting dunked on for his new celebrity booking app

Rent-a-celebrity sounds like a fake gimmick you’d see on TV, but rapper Ja Rule says he’s making it a reality.

On Monday, he tweeted “for bookings” and linked a new website called Iconn, which is “a celebrity entertainment booking & concierge service created by industry veterans,” according to the website.

When you go to the site to book one of the celebrities, you are prompted to fill out a form that asks the event type, description, travel arrangements, and payment options. I wouldn’t trust putting my credit card into any site that is promising celebrities like Cardi B, Amber Rose, Zayn, Paris Hilton and Migos for rent. Could you imagine filling out a form, paying some money and having Cardi B show up to your house? Seems unlikely.

“What we do at Iconn is simple,” Ja Rule tweeted. “We connect buyers directly with artists and their management teams middlemen … and we take NOTHING FROM THE ARTIST.”

This app sounds a little too similar to the one he was making in partnership with Billy McFarland for the disaster that was Fyre Festival. The promotional tool for the Fyre booking app was also meant to change the way artists are booked. If you watched the two documentaries on Fyre Fest, you know that the event was started as a way to promote the launch of the app.

People on Twitter are dunking on the artist for trying to scam us once again.


After all the backlash, Ja Rule let everyone know he loves himself, so it doesn’t bother him.

“The love is FAKE and the HATE is real… but it’s cool I LOVE myself enough for all of us,” he tweeted.

Let’s hope we all learned our lesson from Fyre Fest and no one tries to book award-winning artists for their birthday party through his website.


Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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