Doing the robot could get you a free robot

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robot dance competition

What dance do you have to do for a jet pack?

Would you like a free robot? You’ll have to dance like a robot to get one.

iRobot, the creators of that friendly robot named Roomba that cleans your floors, is having a robot dancing competition on YouTube.

iRobot isn’t just a robot cleaning company. They also make military robots, currently in service in the Middle East, that carry ammunition, engage in reconnaissance, and dispose of roadside bombs. iRobot also has robots exploring the ocean depths, even monitoring the oil spill aftermath in the gulf of Mexico.

The 20 best dancers “to get their robot on” get Roombas. The top three win trophies designed by iRobot. So far, only two people have entered, so the chances of getting a robot are very high. Interested participants have until May 13 to enter. Official rules, including the song participants must use, can be found here.

To kick off the competition, iRobot has enlisted the services of professional dancers Mary Poppins and Marquese Scott to show you how it’s done.

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