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YouTube right now! “Indian Dubstep”

Move over, Skrillex! Check out how dubstep is invading India. 


Fruzsina Eördögh


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No matter what you may think of Skrillex, dubstep is a musical phenomenon that’s here to stay. Now the bass-dropping genre is invading India, too.

“INDIAN DUBSTEP (GERARDAM),” a 3:09 video featuring two men from India dancing to dubstep, is currently trending on YouTube.

The video features Johnnathan Gerard, who composed the song and dances in the video, with his brother. Gerard wrote that he wanted to add an Indian flavor to his favorite musical genre:

“I liked DUBSTEP the moment I listened to it because, it suited very well with the style of dance that I am most comfortable with! Therefore I decided to compose an Indian version of DUBSTEP.”

Watch the video to see why Gerard and his brother’s synchronistic gestures have charmed YouTube.

Since Gerard uploaded the video on March 12, “INDIAN DUBSTEP (GERARDAM)” viewers have checked out the song and dance more than 300,000 times.

“Proud to be half Indian! :D,” wrote smoho31 on YouTube.

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