YouTube bro Ice Poseidon livestreams fight with rival influencer

One of the most well-known YouTube livestreamers filmed himself getting into a fight, and afterward, he admitted that yes, he got beat up. The video seems to prove it.

Ice Poseidon, who has 685,000 subscribers who watch him go about his everyday life on YouTube, apparently had a problem with livestreamer Hampton Brandon on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. While they were trying to squash their beef and shake hands, Ice Poseidon’s camera—mounted on his backpack—caught the two ultimately deciding they couldn’t solve their differences without engaging in some on-the-sidewalk fisticuffs.

After Brandon slid off his watch to begin the festivities, he asked Ice Poseidon to take off his backpack—probably so they can tussle like gentlemen—but Ice Poseidon wanted to film the encounter for his followers and pushed him in response. That’s when the fists started to fly.

Right before the video cuts off, Brandon said, “Stop. I’m going to hurt you even worse.”

Here’s another view of the brouhaha.

Apparently, Ice Poseidon was hurt by the fight, and afterward, he posted another stream where he pointed out the marks and cuts on his face and said, “He got me good.”

According to Ice Poseidon, the clash started because he told Brandon that he didn’t want to collaborate on a livestream together. He also said Brandon’s fighting style and attitude during the fracas was “gay.”

“He got some good hits on me, what I can I say,” Ice Poseidon said, as he held a bag of ice to his face. “I got some hits on him. He got way better hits on me. I’ll take the L. In the end, I still win … At last, I still have some shit to come back to. Once he posts it on Instagram, that’ll be the end of that for him on that relevancy. Me, I’m right here and I’m still here. I’ll take it, dude.”

Ice Poseidon, though, realized that both of the streamers benefited.

“I’ll say I lost the fight,” he said. “I don’t care. I’m not a street fucking gangster. I don’t have street cred.”

No, but he’s got more attention now—which was probably the point of the fight in the first place.

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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