Hurricane Isaac parody account floods Gulf Coast in 140 characters or less


With 11,000 followers and counting, @hurr_isaac has been upgraded from tropical depression to Twitter phenomenon.

@hurr_isaac bills itself as the “Official Parody Account for Hurricane Isaac.” Since its Aug. 26 debut, it has amassed over 11,000 followers.  As the storm made landfall this week along the northern Gulf Coast, @hurr_isaac updated its follower base with tweets on its progress.

“just let yall know im heading towards nola and gonna do some damage,” said Isaac’s premiere tweet on Sunday evening.

“Finally got the respect I deserve.#HURRICANE” it tweeted Wednesday afternoon upon graduating from tropical depression status.

In addition to such updates, Isaac also has made an attempt to turn #isaacweek2k12 into a trending topic; according to Topsy, the tag was used close to 100 times in the past week.  If its tweets are any indication, the storm seems to enjoy what it is doing to the region, though it plans to avoid Alabama after coming across a rather unwelcome photo.  

Reactions from users range from similarly hostile to outright worship.

@hurr_isaac thanks for making My power go out… Douche,” tweeted Brett Bernard.

@hurr_isaac I give you permission to come to Jackson ms. Please Isaac. Think of all of us college kids,” tweeted Ryan McKay.

Hurricanes and other weather events finding social media presences is nothing new. Last year, a similar account was created for Hurricane Irene. It still has more than 5,000 followers.  Foursquare check-ins have also appeared for hurricanes, earthquakes, and massive snowstorms.

Photo via NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flickr

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