Hulu deletes tweet about wearing ‘respectful’ Halloween costume

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Hulu has been promoting its October #Huluween programming, and on Tuesday the company tweeted out what seemed like an innocent enough suggestion: “If you’re dressing up for #Huluween this year, this is your reminder to wear a costume that is culturally appropriate and respectful to others. Let’s celebrate the holiday in a way that we can all enjoy.”

hulu deletes tweet about halloween costume Hulu/Twitter

The tweet has since been deleted, but many people were apparently triggered by being told what to wear on Halloween.

The tweet was pummeled by people who believed this was another example of liberal Hollywood telling them what to do, and at one point it had more than 3,000 comments. It was also posted to r/The_Donald, Reddit’s hive for pro-Trump sentiment, where one commenter stated: “Hey Hulu: Democrat fascism isn’t our culture. Take your thought policing back to Hollywood.”

Some people tried to explain the true origins of Halloween to a Twitter account. Others claimed they were canceling their Hulu accounts over this offending tweet.

Every year someone is called out for an offensive Halloween costume and this year will be no different, but hopefully no one tries to repeat this one.

We’ve reached out to Hulu for comment.

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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