Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers might not speak in their classic horror films, but they have plenty to say on Twitter. 

It’s a cold, dark night at Camp Crystal Lake. With their path illuminated only by the overhead moonlight, two camp counselors sneak out of their cabin and into the woods that surround the property. Expelling drunken laughter, they make their way through the trees, looking for the perfect spot to get some privacy with each other. Finding a small clearing, they stop and drop onto the soft grass.

Suddenly, they look up to see a menacing figure towering over them: local serial killer Jason Voorhees. Clad in dirty, tattered clothes and sporting a hockey mask, he clutches a bloody machete in his gnarled hand. Before the counselors can react, the machete sails through the air and impales them both against a tree.

Jason slowly lowers his arm, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out his iPhone.

#ThingsThatILove Moonlight stalks around the lake, s’mores and killing lots and lots of people. #keekeekeehahaha” he tweets.

Obviously, it’s easy for Friday the 13th fans to picture this scene without the post-kill tweet. This doesn’t mean that Jason, Pinhead, and their fellow hoisters of horror do not have a social media presence.

In honor of Halloween, the Daily Dot put together a list of classic horror movie characters who stalking victims and fans alike on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow and friend at your own risk.

1) Hannibal Lecter // 10,241 followers

Dr. Hannibal Lecter of the Silence of the Lambs series takes frequent breaks from his fava beans and chianti to banter with his fans. Lecter welcomes each of his new followers personally, asks for follow-backs, and even takes down trolls.

2) Jason Voorhees // 8,033 followers

Jason Voorhees never uttered a word in any of the eleven Friday the 13th films that feature his hockey-mask-clad character. He was just as silent in the crossover film Freddy Vs. Jason. Apparently, he was saving all of his chatter for Twitter. Voorhees will frequently interact with his followers in character, making sure to tweet humorous musings in between the conversations.

3) Jigsaw // 22,022 followers

In the seven Saw films, cancer-stricken Jigsaw placed a plethora of souls who had made immoral choices into life-altering (or life-ending) traps. On Twitter, he frequently chats with his followers, even going so far as to use the service to hire an assistant. Other tweets stress moral codes, life lessons, and an intense hatred of Justin Bieber.

4) Michael Myers // 27,846 likes

Like Jason Voorhees, silent killer Michael Myers never made a peep in any of the eight Halloween films or in Rob Zombie’s two Halloween remakes. On Facebook, however, he is a promotional motormouth, alerting his fans to cable TV airings of the films, noting upcoming horror conventions, and posing questions about everyone’s favorite Oct. 31 holiday.

5) Norman Bates // 386 followers

When he is not busy stabbing hotel guests to death in the shower, Norman Bates of Psycho fame is busy tweeting. His musings often involve his love of “Mother,” and he will interact with anyone who tweets him directly or even mentions the name “Norman Bates.”

6) Pinhead // 393 followers

Clive Barker wanted the Hellraiser series’ main antagonist, Pinhead, to be an oasis in the desert of wisecracking horror movie villains. Think less Freddy Krueger and more Count Dracula. On Twitter, Pinhead unleashes witticisms about torture, the Cenobites as office staff drones, and genitalia.

Photo via Esparta Palma/Flickr

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