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Louis C.K.‘s dropping hints that his webseries Horace and Pete is heading to Hulu

On Friday night at the New Yorker Festival, C.K. talked about the surprise $31 webseries, which debuted in January, and how he’s not in debt after financing it, as he previously told Howard Stern. In fact, he might have just said that as a joke. “I mean Horace and Pete was 100 percent my money, and then some that a bank used to own, that I now owe,” he joked

He dropped his October surprise: That the dramedy series—which stars C.K., Alan Alda, Steve Buscemi, and Edie Falco—will end up on Hulu. 

“I have no idea if I have the right to say that,” he said, before asking the audience not to tell anyone. 

C.K. said he’s focusing on standup full-time right now. 

We’ve reached out to Hulu for confirmation. 

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