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YouTube’s Greg Benson turns homeless shelter into 5-star restaurant

YouTube prankster Greg Benson turned a homeless shelter into 5-star restaurant for an unforgettable night. 


Chase Hoffberger


Greg Benson’s typically the one pulling the pranks. He specializes in ragging on people in the highest degree, whether it’s pranking you about a secret admirer on Valentine’s Day or executing a Cell Phone Crashing, which seems like an awful trick to play. 

He’s an “extremely famous person” whose videos regularly cash in around 500,000 views. Leave it up to a chief prankster, then, to go and do something nice for some people around April Fools’ Day. 

On Monday, Benson posted a video that found him orchestrating the conversion of a California homeless shelter called Ascencia into a five-star restaurant complete with filet mignon, dessert, and some waters with some limes in ’em. 

He brought out Jesse Brune, a big-time chef.


And an interior designer who knows a thing or two about greenery.


And he gave 50 homeless people an excellent meal. Then he gave the shelter $5,000. 

All around good day for Mediocre Films’ Greg Benson. He’ll have that to think about next time he’s cruising around making fodder from strangers. 

Photo via MediocreFilms/YouTube

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