‘Home Alone with Blood’ turns a holiday classic into a chilling horror masterpiece

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Home Alone with Blood

Photo via BitMassive


Home Alone doesn’t make a lot of sense as an adult, but it’s still a classic. By placing Kevin McCallister in a slapstick hyper reality, Home Alone’s bone-crushing violence becomes a live-action Bugs Bunny cartoon instead of a snuff film. 

Home Alone with Blood changes things.

The brainchild of YouTuber BitMassive, Home Alone with Blood digitally inserts the missing gore from scenes in Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Only two installments have been released so far, but they’re graphic mini masterpieces.

This just makes us long for a gritty, R-rated Home Alone reboot. 

‘Home Alone’ doesn’t make any sense as an adult
It's a good holiday movie until the logic sets in.
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