Surprised Kitty Actress

A new video from travel search engine Hipmunk threatens the Internet’s space-cuteness continuum.

Everything is better with cute animals, argues travel search engine Hipmunk in a new video ad.

You’d think the Hipmunk mascot, created by Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, would be enough of a draw, but in this day and age, one can never be certain when attempting to create a viral video.

To up the ad’s chances of reaching Internet fame, Hipmunk has enlisted the cast of SMBC-Theater, the popular Web comic Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s live-action crew.

(It helpfully lists the source videos in subtitles—just search on their names to find the originals on YouTube.)

Various SMBC cast re-enact popular Internet videos that normally feature animals, and the results are a little bizarre. Watching a cat slide into a box is cute, but a grown man, complete with posterior cleavage? Not pretty.

So I guess we’d best start searching for flights—lest Ohanian and his devilish crew unleash something truly horrifying, like a reenactment of Parry Gripp’s “Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute.”

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