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Abbi and Ilana clean out their closet in the latest ‘Hack Into Broad City’



Audra Schroeder


Hack Into Broad City has been our lifeline to Abbi and Ilana while Broad City is heading into season 3. The latest episode of the accompanying webseries, which airs while Broad City is off the air, takes us deep into their closets with “The Purge.”

And their Crocs, which Abbi bought when she was really into Top Chef. There’s also a throwback to their performance bibs and Abbi’s pastel sweater shame. This clip will definitely make you question that fringe vest you bought when you were hungover. 

In the time since season 2 ended, the ladies have apparently turned in a draft of a film script and gotten a catchphrase from the show branded on a Wendy Nichol bag. But don’t worry, filming has started on season 3, and there might be a cronut storyline.  

Now, where are my Crocs…

Screengrab via Comedy Central 

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