Gun-toting Olympic swimmers banned from Facebook and Twitter

Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk must be feeling under the gun right now.

The Australian swimmers found themselves stranded in the deep end when a photo of them holding firearms spread in Olympic-qualifying time on Twitter and Facebook.

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has now handed down punishments to the pair: They’re banned from Facebook, Twitter and blogging, and both will be sent home from the Olympic Games once their swimming events are over. The 24-year-olds will not be allowed to use social media sites from mid-July to mid-August.

“Australian Olympians are required to meet very high standards of conduct and we cannot risk the reputation of the team,” Australia’s Olympic Chef de Mission Nick Green said.

The AOC ‘s punishment is separate from an investigation being carried out by Swimming Australia, which is meeting with the swimmers next Monday.

D’Arcy and Monk were last week pictured holding pistols and shotguns at a gun shop in the Los Angeles area. Australia’s Olympic swimming team is training in the U.S. ahead of the games.

We have a feeling the only gun they’ll be close to in future is the starter’s pistol.

Photo of Kenrick Monk via YouTube

Kris Holt

Kris Holt

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