Gregory Brothers songify Romney’s concession speech


Mitt may have lost, but he’s still “filthy rich!” 

At least Mitt Romney isn’t taking his loss to President Barack Obama too hard.

The former Massachusetts governor had his final swan song courtesy of the Gregory Brothers, whose Auto-tuned treatment of the candidates was a highlight of the debate season.

Addressing a crowd of supporters in Boston, the Gregory Brothers’ parody version of Romney is able to look on the bright side: he may have lost, but h-e-double-hockey-sticks, he’s “still filthy rich.”

He sounds positively giddy as he is able to, for the first time, express that he’s actually happy that he lost in a song that would fit right in a ‘60s musical.

“I never really wanted that low wage ‘president’ job to taint my career. Besides, who on Earth could possibly get on by on $400,000 a year?” Romney sings.

Who needs the presidency when you have tax write-offs and can invest in anything you want overseas?

Photo via Schmoyoho/YouTube

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