Greg Paul hacking sex tape underage


Logan and Jake Paul’s dad says rumors of pedophilia are ‘a bunch of bullsh*t’

Greg Paul speaks out.


Josh Katzowitz


Posted on Sep 25, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 5:42 am CDT

Greg Paul has nothing to hide, and he’s not giving in to anybody. That’s the message the father of Logan and Jake Paul is now spreading, more than a week after hackers released four explicit sex tapes that they said were of Greg Paul—and amid rumors that he’s had sex with underage girls.

In an Instagram video released Monday, Greg Paul said the rumors of him having sex with minors were completely untrue.

“The haters and hackers spreading rumors that I’ve been with underage woman, it’s a bunch of bullshit,” Paul said in his video. “It’s never happened. It’s 100 percent not true. There’s no supporting evidence, and there never will be. The reason there never will be is because it never happened. If anybody tries to say anything to that effect in any shape or form, they’re just doing it for views, like they are right now.”

Paul’s AOL email account was hacked soon after the KSI-Logan Paul boxing match by a group of hackers called Digital Gangsters, who posted revenge porn on Twitter featuring who they claimed was Greg Paul.

The Digital Gangsters told the Daily Dot that they hacked Paul’s email because they simply didn’t like him, saying, “We wanted to see how far we could go [with the hack]. We obviously got pretty far … We don’t like the Paul’s.” The hackers also said that they’ll release more hacked content in the coming weeks, saying, “This is happening no matter what.”

Paul, though, told the Blast that he’s not worried about the hacking and what might come next. He also said the youngest woman he’s had sex with since his divorce was 33 years old.

“They are threatening to expose more stuff and I’m honestly not worried about it,” Paul told the website. “I’m not going to let them have power or control over me, and I’m not going to give them anything because I have nothing to hide.”

Paul told the Blast that hackers compromised a number of his accounts, including Instagram, PayPal, and Venmo. When Paul and Digital Gangsters spoke, Paul said they threatened to release a video of him if he didn’t pay them $3,000. An apparent revenge porn video of Paul with a woman whose face was blurred was uploaded to the internet 30 minutes later.

In total, four hardcore videos were released on the @e_lords Twitter account, none of which confirmed Paul as the man in them. Soon after, Twitter suspended the account.

“They kept sending me texts saying I won’t win with them, we’ll expose you,” Paul said. “I don’t give a shit because there is nothing there.”

Initially, Paul responded to the hacking by posting a video on Instagram and offering them a job.

The hackers told the Daily Dot they contacted Paul after his initial Instagram video. Digital Gangsters, though, said Paul wanted them to sign contracts, and that’s when they backed away.

The hackers didn’t immediately respond to a Daily Dot message left on Monday morning.

In his Instagram video on Monday, Paul—who told the Blast that he’s not planning to file a police report because he feels it would be a waste of time—wanted to make sure that his critics know he’s not bothered by them.

“For the haters, how bad does your life suck?” he said. “You wake up and you want to throw shade and hate on people you’ve never met and who have never done anything to you … I’m going to continue to stand up for fighting against bullying, giving love and giving support and spreading goodness.”

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*First Published: Sep 25, 2018, 11:08 am CDT