Green Day returns with hard-hitting single ‘Bang Bang’

Green Day Bang Bang

Screengrab via Green Day / Facebook

The East Bay vets are back to start a mosh pit.

You generally want Green Day songs to churn and pump like a rowdy night out on the town, and the punk vets certainly get there on “Bang Bang.” 

That’s the debut single from what will be the band’s first album in four years, Revolution Radio. The song hit Spotify on Thursday, and it’s a celebration of the Berkeley, California, trio’s default settings: pogo drumming, power chords, hooks for toilet papering your mom’s house.

Teens may not know about Green Day, but the song—teased this week via Instagram—is youthful, spark plug pop punk sure to delight a new generation of fans. Not bad for a band that kept it together long enough to make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. 

You can order the imminent record on the band’s website

“BANG BANG” artwork.. single.. #bangbang #revrad #mynewband .. 4 days.. August 11. #ticktick

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Beltway-rallying Green Day was bloated, bad opera rock for people who donated to the Kerry campaign, anyway. “Bang Bang” thrives in its innocuous take on fame mixed with a less pretentious covering of a serious subject than the heavy-handedness of previous works. And lighthearted rocking is something we can all get behind this election season. 

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