Anticipation and odd reflection spurred by the new teaser for Grand Theft Auto 5. 

Nobody forgets the first time they steal a car at gunpoint.

That’s probably why #GrandTheftAutoMemories is a global trending topic on Twitter today. Tens of thousands of people around the globe are reminiscing about their exploits shooting cops, screwing prostitutes, and gunning down helicopters—while playing Grant Theft Auto, of course.

A video game franchise that is no stranger to controversy, Grant Theft Auto and its numerous sequels allow players to indulge in digital robbery, murder, and carnal sins. So if you thought the twitter topic was overrun by criminals, think again; it’s just gamers blowing off steam.

“in Vice City i would always go uptown to find my favorite gun, then just sit there and blast heads off. it amused me,” tweeted @ShutUpShawdae.

#GrandTheftAutoMemories is trending just a day after the game’s developer, Rockstar North, released a trailer teasing Grand Theft Auto 5. A 3,000-comment Reddit thread has opened up to analyze every frame of the 1:30 minute video.

While it’s the new game in the spotlight, the kicker for fans is a potential returning protagonist from an earlier installment, Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Gamers played as Tony Vercetti, a gravel-voiced badass channeling Tony Montana. As a result, the video’s familiar voice-over narration has many fans excited.

“If the main character winds up being Tommy Vercetti 25 years after the events of Vice City (VO sounds a hell of a lot like Ray Liotta, guy at :40 looks like Tommy) I am pre-ordering this game tomorrow, holy shit,” said redditor drifter1717.

The possibility has made Vice City a US trending topic as speculation grows.

“If GTAV is Tommy Vercetti 25 years on from Vice City, I’ll literally poop myself,” tweeted @Matt_SW.

On today’s video game-crazed social media web, that would be an average response.

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