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Gia Gunn says ‘Drag Race All Stars’ edited out confrontation with RuPaul over trans issues

‘I didn’t feel wanted, to be there in the competition.’


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Gia Gunn says she confronted RuPaul about anti-trans discrimination during the filming of the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, but the conversation was edited out of the final show.

Last March, RuPaul received a huge backlash from the LGBTQ community after saying that trans women who have fully transitioned wouldn’t be allowed to compete in Drag Race. Several former Drag Race contestants spoke out in opposition to RuPaul, pointing out the many trans people who have had a massive impact on drag culture. One of those former contestants was Gunn, who competed on season six of the show before she was out as a trans woman. In a YouTube video from March, she wondered if she would even be considered for Drag Race All Stars because of her transition.

When the list of contestants for season four of All Stars was announced, many people were excited to see Gunn on there, hoping it signified RuPaul turning a new leaf with the trans community. However, Gunn says that on set things were not that simple. “I had a hard time on the show because I did exchange words with her,” Gunn said in an interview with Race Chaser podcast. “Of course it wasn’t aired… which was a little disappointing. I very well knew that none of that was going to air because the show is not about making her look anything but great.”

Gunn said RuPaul wasn’t welcoming to her, and she felt like she wasn’t wanted on the show. “I felt completely disregarded. I didn’t feel acknowledged. I didn’t feel wanted, to be there in the competition,” Gunn said on Race Chaser. She also said that she felt she was brought on, “to basically show the world that this show does ‘support’ trans and that [Rupaul] does see trans queens as drag queens.”

She said it hurt to be brought on for that purpose, but not receive equal treatment. “What was the whole point of me coming here if she wasn’t going to walk the walk and talk the talk?” asked Gunn.

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