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A minute later, the flick is over and your fingertips are barely covered in salt. 

You sit down with a big bowl of buttered popcorn, turn on the monitor, and start playing the latest Hollywood blockbuster. A minute later, the movie is over and your fingertips are barely covered in salt. 

You’ve just watched a full movie condensed into one GIF, a quick-moving animation that features only the best and most essential scenes from your favorite film.

These GIFs are from Reddit’s r/FullMovieGifs, a two-day-old subreddit featuring aminations of films like Aliens, Finding Nemo, and The Shining. The forum and a majority of the GIFs were made by matt01ss. Check out the top 10 GIFs so far.



Finding Nemo




I Am Legend


Top Gun






The Rock


Fast and Furious

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