Watch the 1-minute GIF versions of your favorite movies

You sit down with a big bowl of buttered popcorn, turn on the monitor, and start playing the latest Hollywood blockbuster. A minute later, the movie is over and your fingertips are barely covered in salt. 

You’ve just watched a full movie condensed into one GIF, a quick-moving animation that features only the best and most essential scenes from your favorite film.

These GIFs are from Reddit’s r/FullMovieGifs, a two-day-old subreddit featuring aminations of films like Aliens, Finding Nemo, and The Shining. The forum and a majority of the GIFs were made by matt01ss. Check out the top 10 GIFs so far.



Finding Nemo




I Am Legend


Top Gun






The Rock


Fast and Furious

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Fernando Alfonso III

Fernando Alfonso III

Fernando Alfonso III served as an early Reddit and 4chan reporter and the Daily Dot’s first art director until 2016. He’s gone on to report at Lexington’s Herald-Leader and at the Houston Chronicle.