Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie comes out as polyamorous

Frankie Grande/Instagram

He announced the news in an interview with US Weekly.

Frankie Grande’s Instagram has been exploding with photos of him and two gorgeous guys. But it turns out he’s not dating one of them.

He’s dating both. And they’re married. To each other.

The older brother of pop star Ariana Grande recently shared details about this polyamorous relationship, confirming to US Weekly that he has been seeing Mike Pophis and Daniel Sinasohn for about three months.

“But in the gay world, It’s like five years,” added Grande.

He told the celebrity mag that he’s “the new addition” to the relationship. Pohpis is a physician and Sinasohn is an attorney.

So what made Grande fall for the pair? When asked his favorite part of Sinasohn, the social media star said, “his dick,” adding that his partner is “very smart. So is Mike, Mike is also very smart.”

The trio has been posting photos of all their latest ventures on the ‘gram, and it looks like they’re having a blast.

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three peas in a pod.

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Cold weather? No thank you

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Polyamory, the practice of having relationships of varying commitment levels with a variety of people, is on the rise; it was the fourth most popular relationship search term on Google last year.

And while it’s apparently becoming more socially acceptable, it’s not like celebs are clamoring to identify themselves as poly.

Congrats to this power throuple!

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