channel orange

Think of it as crowdsourced liner notes.

On Tuesday, upstart R&B singer Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange made a huge splash on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Sure, part of Internet buzzstorm was due to comments Ocean recently made about his sexuality, and part of it had to do with the artist’s affiliation with the controversy-baiting hip-hop collective Odd Future.

But the biggest reason everyone was talking about Ocean yesterday? His new album is an unqualified masterpiece.

In fact, people loved the album so much that various teenagers tweeted every single lyric* of the new record. And the folks at the Boston Phoenix had the tenacity and creativity to make a Storify out of each tweet. Think of it as crowdsourced liner notes.

* Well, almost every lyric. The Daily Dot’s Chase Hoffberger points out that the Storify misses the final complete audible line of the album, which also happens to be his personal favorite: “Our daughters and our sons are just candles in the sun.”

Photo via Tumblr

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