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Couch potatoes, unite. 

Fourth of July falling on a weekend offers a chance for America’s favorite pastime: binging. Sure, you could watch Orange Is the New Black a third time. No one’s judging. But here are 10 other Web-bred series you might have missed.

The Program

OK, this actually just debuted this week, but it’s Maria Bamford’s new series about gambling addicts, so you know it will be good.  

Sound Advice

Much like Lisa Kudrow’s clueless therapist in Web Therapy, SNL’s Vanessa Bayer makes things weird as the world’s worst media coach to the stars. Watch and rewatch the episode where she rips apart boy band The Wanted.

The Untitled Webseries That Morgan Evans Is Doing

MTV just picked up comedian Evans’s YouTube series, which will debut in the fall on Catch up on the 15-episode series now.  

Burning Love

A parody of The Bachelor, with The State’s Ken Marino as the bachelor in question, and an amazing array of comedic talent (Natasha Leggero, June Diane Raphael) as his broken potential life partners. It simultaneously critiques and lampoons the sexist foundation of the real show, and the “reality” of dating shows. It will see its spiritual bookend on July 15, when Hulu’s original series The Hotwives of Orlando debuts.

Broad City

Before Comedy Central, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson were on YouTube for two seasons. While you wait for season two of the Comedy Central show, catch up on their origin story. The season one finale is the perfect critique of summer street harassment. (Side note: It’s the 25th anniversary of Do the Right Thing, so watch that too.)

Call the Midwife

I understand these are all very funny webseries, so if you want to take it down a notch, this show about nurses saving babies in London’s East End during the ‘50s  is available on PBS’ website. (Side note: On Golden Pond is currently on Netflix, if you want to keep the tears coming.)

High Maintenance

To come off that Call the Midwife train, go with the low-key humor of High Maintenance, which Vimeo just announced as its new original programming. Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair wrote and produced the series, which uses a weed dealer to tell the stories of different characters living in NYC.

Awkward Black Girl

Issa Rae’s wonderful webseries tells the story of J, as she navigates the day-to-day life of a working woman. Rae also produced the webseries Little Horribles, which is binge-worthy on its own.

Upright Citizens Brigade

The show that gave us Amy Poehler still holds up, and it crossed the important comedic divide of 1998-2000. Find it on Hulu.

Out With Dad

This Canadian series documents the life of teenager Rose as she comes out to her father, Nathan. It also offers the foundation for real-life discussions between kids and parents.

Bonus: This clip from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia:

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