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First and Last Letter meme gets new life on TikTok

The name game is getting a creative update on TikTok.


Audra Schroeder


A name game popularized on Twitter has evolved on TikTok—now with sound.

The game: Remove the first and last letter of your first name and show the results. The tweet format, which goes back at least a year according to Know Your Meme, typically has a similar wording.

Earlier this month, the trend jumped to TikTok, where its massive library of audio clips and songs (and other TikToks) provided an important next step in its evolution. So now instead of just typing “Aso,” there’s an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia clip that says it for you.

Random video of a retching dog? It has renewed purpose here. 

Classic vines also have renewed purpose. 


H/T Know Your Meme 

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