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Posted on Sep 14, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 12:38 am CDT

As Game of Thrones became a pop culture phenomenon, fans began to learn about the actors’ previous ventures; the revelation that Hodor (played by Kristian Nairn until the character’s heartbreaking departure this season) had a thriving career as a DJ was one of the more surprising. And while many of the show’s actors have musical ties, he’s not the only DJ on the cast.

Earlier this week, Uproxx discovered a track from Finn Jones, a promising DJ you’ll recognize more as Ser Loras Tyrell and Marvel’s Iron Fist. His Good Vibrations: Odyssey mix isn’t new by any means—Jones posted the mix to Soundcloud in June 2015—but for those who are late to the party it’s an innovative track that can easily get a crowd going and serve as decent writing music.

Jones’s SoundCloud only has the one mix so far, but slow burner that comes in waves as more people discover that not only is Jones creating music—it’s also great.

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For Jones, DJing was like a hobby that he did in his bedroom, but Nairn encouraged him to pursue it and helped him book a 20-city tour in the U.K.—a move that did wonders for his confidence—and he’s performed at stops on Nairn’s Rave of Thrones tour.

“I went from DJing in my bedroom or at small parties for friends, just kind of intimate, small, nice, to suddenly going on this tour around the U.K.,” Jones told Vulture in 2015. “DJing to thousands of people. Kristian was my friend before, but he’s definitely helped me out in that respect, and becoming more confident to playing to a crowd. He pretty much forced me to go out there, and I love it. It’s such a cool pastime to have.”

And while Jones hasn’t released anything else in awhile, he’ll have a growing audience for it when he does.

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*First Published: Sep 14, 2016, 2:28 pm CDT