Armed with just a camera, a CNN writer has traveled the world to relive famous movie moments.

The Empire State Building, the steps of the New York Public Library and Central Park have been home to some of the most memorable movie scenes in history.

If you ever visit these places chances are there one or two people trying to recreate their favorite scenes—like Tom Cruise frantically running through the streets in Vanilla Sky or Natalie Portman emerging from the subway.

One such person is Christopher Moloney. The CNN writer has been traveling around the world with his camera and cheap black and white printer, trying to relive moments from his favorite films for his Tumblr FILMography.

“I work near Columbus Circle in New York City,” Moloney told Brands & Films.

“One day I realized the spot outside my office window was the place the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appeared in the movie Ghostbusters. So I printed off a photo, held it up and snapped a picture. I posted the shot on Facebook and my friends really liked it, so I took more,” “Eventually I started my blog on Tumblr. Now I’ve snapped almost 200 photos.”

Moloney has visited cities like Chicago and Lebua at State Tower Bangkok, which is where the opening scene of Hangover 2 was filmed.

Below are the top 10 photos Moloney has captured, based on the number of Tumblr notes each has received.

All image via FILMography/Tumblr

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