A failed marriage proposal lives on at Reddit

Matt asked Stacy to marry him. She said no. Or maybe it didn't happen at all.

Mar 3, 2020, 9:33 am*



Lauren Rae Orsini

We’re not sure if Stacy Kingsley is an actual person. But her rejection of her redditor boyfriend’s proposal on /r/trees yesterday has made her a legend.

It started with a request from Matt, who picked the now-regrettable username dearstacy. The romantic redditor wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Stacy, in a way she’d never forget. Apparently, she likes getting high, because Matt recruited r/trees, Reddit’s largest community for marijuana enthusiasts, to help upvote his proposal.

“I need your help! I want my redditor girlfriend to come home and see this question as the top spot, and turn around to me kneeling behind her with my ring,” he wrote. “I figured the best group of people to help me out would be my fellow ents on r/trees.”

Last night, Matt and his fellow redditors managed to upvote his thread, “Stacy Kingston, will you marry me? Love always, Matt,” to the front page of Reddit.

“YES! WE DID IT! She’s on our way home now, so excited! Thank you guys a million, this truly is something special!” Matt wrote as an update.

Unfortunately, that’s all that went as planned.

Late yesterday evening, Matt—presumably also fond of the medicinal herb—updated the thread “on the verge of tears” to say that things had gone differently than expected.

“Well, I get down on one knee, and I pull out the ring. I’m waiting for a giant squeal or some tears or something, but she slowly turned around and told me politely that it’s not the right time. It’s sweet, and she wants to marry me, but it’s not quite the time,” he wrote as an update.

Many redditors were sympathetic. Others had a laugh at Matt’s expense. Many questioned the authenticity of a relationship in which a man would propose on a stoner forum.

“Yep, this is exactly what I thought the second I saw the OP’s update. Honestly, I would probably be the same if I was proposed to on a board dedicated to Cannabis (Or online at all). I smoke, sure, but it’s not a method of proposal that you’d cherish in your memory for years to come,” wrote NeinNeinNein.

Matt never returned to answer questions about the relationship’s future or respond to the Daily Dot’s requests for verification.

But no matter the reaction—and no matter whether Matt, Stacy or the proposal were real—they created a lot of excitement. The subreddit’s sidebar welcome text now includes a special message to Stacy. A ragetoon about her plight sits in the top spot on the page.

Whether fictional or not,  Matt and Stacy are sure to live on through /r/trees.

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*First Published: Jan 4, 2012, 6:05 pm