There’s only one way to celebrate National UnFriend Day


Unsure about who should get the ax on National UnFriend Day? Use this helpful guide. 

Oh how neat! That one friend you met once through your cousin at her company’s picnic is having a baby, according to your Facebook news feed.

Wait—that’s terribly uninteresting. You should unfriend them immediately and thank the second annual National UnFriend Day for not feeling guilty about it.

Hosted by ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, today’s unofficial holiday is meant to cut the “friend fat” from your burgeoning friend list, keeping only the ones you like.

“It’s like spring cleaning but instead of trash, you’re throwing out people,” joked Kimmel on his show last week.

Kimmel introduced a scoring system this year to make it easier to pick who to unfriend—if you are that weak and need the guidance. If the so-called friend changes her picture multiple times a month, takes his picture in a bathroom mirror, posts ad-nauseam amounts of pictures of food, or uses the phrase “OMG, my friends are the best,” give that friend 5 points for each occurrence.  If the soon-to-be-former friend scores 50 points, it’s time to hit “delete.”

National UnFriend Day, or NUD for short, is gaining some traction on Twitter. Mass unfrienders are using the hashtag #NUD and Kimmel is retweeting some of the best tweets.

“I’ve had a very fun morning of unfriending. Turns out, I hate people:) #NUD,” Tanya tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “I created a Facebook account for my 2 year old son and then I unfriended him. #NUD”

Cliff Darby has the best idea: “I deleted my Facebook, does that count?”

That warms our hearts. See you next year. Or not.

Photo by Jimmy Kimmel Live

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