Arby’s bought Pharrell’s hat on eBay last night

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The beef has come to an end. 

The epic Twitter love story between Pharrell Williams’s hat and Arby’s has come to an end. Last night, before the Oscars began, the restaurant chain bought the instantly meme-able brown hat Williams wore to the Grammys. The restaurant chain’s winning bid on eBay: $44,100.

Williams’s brown Vivienne Westwood hat became a meme during the Grammys with its own Twitter account, and was photoshopped into Internet infamy. Because Arby’s is an edgy, provocative brand, it tweeted at the singer.

Late last month, Williams decided to use his hat’s fame for good and put it up for auction to benefit his charity for at-risk youth, One Hand to Another. The hat racked up 131 bids, but Arby’s ultimately won out. Williams let his fans know all is well between him and Arby’s, complete with an emoticon.

Hopefully the hat sold on eBay was legit. It was apparently spotted at the Oscars last night. Thankfully, Arby’s kept up the topical tweets during the awards. 

Image via eBay

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