Eagles fans collapse the Ritz-Carlton’s awning during Super Bowl celebration


In preparation for the Philadelphia Eagles possibly winning the Super Bowl, the city which is known for its, um, passionate fans splattered hydraulic fluid all over its light poles to prevent people from climbing them in celebration.

Unfortunately for the Ritz-Carlton hotel, there was nothing to stop more than a dozen Eagles fans from destroying its property after Philadelphia’s exciting victory vs. the Patriots.

Hardly anybody does it better (or worse) than Eagles fans when it comes to acting unruly and vandalizing other people’s property in the name of sports victory. For proof, look no further than these videos.

Apparently, the strongest of hotel awnings can’t hold up football fans that are intent on crashing it—and themselves—to the ground.

The Ritz-Carlton wasn’t the only destination for Eagles fans to get wild. As noted by 6ABC, fans flipped at least one car …

Car Flip.mp4

Post #SuperBowl celebrations in Center City are getting rowdy as people are seen flipping a car. http://6abc.cm/2nEZUk5

Posted by 6abc Action News on Sunday, February 4, 2018

Destroyed street lights …

Invaded City Hall …

And, for some reason, stole a police horse.

As far as we know, the city’s iconic Rocky Balboa statute is OK, though the same can’t be said for the Liberty Bell.

Through it all, the Ritz-Carlton’s Twitter account seemed blissfully unaware Monday morning of the havoc that had been raised and the destruction that had been caused.

Luckily, we all learned an important lesson from the collapse.


Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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