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The 20 most meme-ready lyrics from Drake’s ‘Views’

We went ahead and skipped his rant about Cheesecake Factory.


Clyde Lovellette


Posted on May 1, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 8:53 pm CDT

After almost two years on the campaign trail, Drake, the rapper with the most superdelegates, finally released his fourth studio album late Thursday night. It’s titled Views and it seems to be the most poorly received of the Canadian rapper’s career. 

But even if you think Views is more of a brick than the airball he tossed up while cosplaying as a Kentucky basketball player, the album is assured to go platinum while claiming No. 1 on the Billboard chart its first week—Apple Music exclusive and all. And that’s largely because people are so invested in Drake being so damn Drake.

Drake the performer is a sensitive, worldly man who takes everything personally. He’s been mocked for being “soft” by blogs that write about little else. But he’s also simultaneously a jealous lover happy to shame former flames in songs—and his stifling views toward women are on display here. 

It’s almost ancillary whether the album is good or not because more than good music, Drake knows to give the public his cult of personality. He is a living, breathing meme. Just look at the hubbub stirred upon the unveiling of his album art

Whether it’s giving out enough information in a verse about a Hooters employee that the Internet could track her down, or using a lint roller while sitting courtside at an NBA game and then selling lint rollers online, Drake continuously tops himself in just how Drake he can be.

He delivered some extremely Drake lyrics in between tangling the “truss me daddi” patois employed on the record. These are the 20 most Drake, and as such the most important lines on Views.

1) “All of my ‘let’s just be friends’ are friends I don’t have anymore”

2) “How do you not check on me when things go wrong”

3) “Momma hit my phone and said rap’s no good”

4) “On some DMX shit, I group DM my exes”

5) “LOLOL I’m glad you find this shit amusing”

6) “You sent a ‘are you here’ text without an invite/That’s that shit that I don’t like”

7) “There’s more to life than sleeping in and getting high with you”

8) “Her [Insta]gram too popping to fuck her”

9) “You treat me like I’m born yesterday you forgot my birthday”

10) “Damn, I’m not unrealistic with none of my women”

11) “Mixing vodka and emotions/Tapping into your emotions/Dry cry ‘cause I’m hopeless”

12) “That pussy knows me better than I know myself”

13) “Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah/six-point star Lion of the Judah”

14) “Knowing I’d lie for you/Thinking I’d die for you/Jodeci ‘Cry for You’”

15) “You go to CVS for Kotex in my Bugatti”

16) “Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum”

17) “I’m too good to you/I’m way too good to you”

18) “Talk about you like you’ll never leave his side but I don’t buy it”

19) “My exes made some of my favorite music/I dated women from my favorite movies”

20) “Running out of pages in your passport/Hanging with some girls I’ve never seen before” 

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*First Published: May 1, 2016, 11:47 am CDT