This fanmade Drake–Sufjan mashup is heaven

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Drake and Sufjan Stevens

Photo via Christian Bertrand / John Steel / | Remix by Jason Reed


While we weather the ups and downs of Drake and Rihanna’s love life, rest easy knowing he always has someone to fall back on: Sufjan Stevens. 

At least that’s the world created by Tumblr user Riveyoncé Cuoknowles, which finds the Toronto rapper who loves Cheesecake Factory and the singer best known for writing albums about Illinois and Michigan exploring their creative differences and finding… love? In addition to a fake TV show with episode titles like “Sufjan Writes a Diss Track,” they’ve also produced a fanmade collection of Drake and Sufjan mashups called Six Swans

The closest Drake and Sufjan have come to collaborating is last year’s cover of “Hotline Bling,” but this is a much more expansive curation. They were made for each other. 

Six Swans by Various Artists

H/T Stereogum 

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