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Stretching the Canvas: The best images this week

The first installment in a new series that looks back at the week’s best images from Canvas, the new social media platform from 4chan creator Christopher Poole.


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Henry David Thoreau once said, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

In the Digital Age, that canvas has been transformed.

As we reported earlier this month, Canvas is a new social media platform from 4chan creator Christopher Poole. Users upload photos and alter them using tools built into the website.

Unlike 4chan’s notorious random image-board, /b/, Canvas has a strict code of conduct that strives to keep images “clean enough that most people wouldn’t be embarrassed to be caught looking at it at work or with their family.”

In this new weekly feature, the Daily Dot will highlight some of the trends and images that grabbed the attention of Canvas’ image-board.

Here’s what happened this week on Canvas.


  • Performing a front-flip on flat ground is already difficult. Now imagine doing one over a subway platform. (Bonus points for sticking the landing.)
  • There’s really only one way to put on a baseball cap, right? Wrong. Check out these two guys.
  • Canvas doesn’t have an official political stance. Its users, on the other hand, aren’t big fans of the GOP. On Monday one anonymous user tagged a photo of a Nazi with a toilet bowl for a head with “Republicans.”
subway jumper
van gogh
  • For those of you out there who love the Nyan cat, check out this contest to see who can create the worst looking illustration using the Internet’s most beloved kitty.
  • And then there was the Sebastian Bach meme, which involved cutting and pasting the face of the famous composer onto anything and everything users could think of. His face has been plastered on photos of bacteria, a “Back to the Future” poster and a photo of Boxxy. The Bach meme is here to stay. There’s no going back.
nyan cat
silver surfer


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