Daredevil season 3 fight scene


11-minute ‘Daredevil’ fight scene in season 3 has fans freaking out

What does Marvel have against hallways?

Oct 21, 2018, 11:49 am

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Joseph Knoop

I’m not sure if being the guy who builds hallways for Marvel films and shows is the best job or the worst. Between the Russo brothers tearing up a stairwell in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Daredevil’s signature knockdown single-shot brawls, it’s clearly a good racket. To the surprise of few, Daredevil is back with yet another fist fight that’s got fans freaking out.

This go-around, instead of a three-minute hallway brawl or a five-minute stairwell tussle, we’re treated to an 11-freakin’-minute sequence set in a high security prison that features multiple stuntmen, several different fights-within-fights, a bit of story progression thanks to a pivotal dialogue exchange, and no small amount of blood.

You can watch a four-minute clip of it below, but for the whole thing you’ll have to log in to Netflix and watch episode four of the new season.


It’s the no-holds-barred, messy, grisly kind of action sequence Daredevil is known for. It’s not quite the manic stab-fest of something like The Raid 2’s prison fight scene, but it’s impressive nonetheless, and I just love how you can feel Murdock fighting for every inch of ground until he’s reached safety. Here’s what Twitter had to say about it:




We’ll take good Marvel news where we can get it, considering Luke Cage has been cancelled after only two seasons, despite strong fan reception.

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*First Published: Oct 21, 2018, 11:49 am