Daily Fluff: Kitten-puppy face-off drags into 5th hour


Is it a modern-day Romeo and Juliet? Or something more sinister?

Though they have never actually met face-to-face, the Maeby the cat, who rules over 124 Elm St. and Harry the dog, whose dominion includes 126 Elm St., are mortal enemies. The two have been locked in a stare-down for five solid hours, according to sources.

“It’s unlikely that we’ll see a conclusion to this episode any time soon,” said Tamron Khalifa, senior Washington Post pet politics analyst.  ”Maeby and Harry both have legitimate claims on the border area between their two estates.  There has been tension here for generations.”

The current flare up came after Harry’s favorite ball was accidentally thrown into Maeby’s yard and the cat refused to return it, invoking the ancient writ of “finders keepers.”


Via the press office of maeby_the_cat.

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