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Not even Bill Murray was immune.

The Cubs didn’t simply win a World Series on Wednesday. They ended 108 years of futility. They brought together Chicago fans all over the country. They bumped dicks. They made people laugh and cry. And, perhaps most importantly, they made people remember everybody who wanted to see this moment but couldn’t.

The Cubs’ 8-7 victory against the Cleveland Indians wasn’t some normal world championship victory. It was an honor-your-relatives moment across all forms of social media—the ones who are alive to see it and the ones who aren’t.

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This Cubs fan made sure to share the sweet taste of victory with his dad, who died 36 years ago.

The biggest celebrity Cubs fans weren’t immune to thinking back to their loved ones, as well.

Even the Onion made us laugh and cry at the same time with its story titled, “Millions Of Drunk Cubs Fans Rioting In Heaven Following World Series Win.”

Some old-timers, though, got to see their dreams come true.

Sports: Bridging the generation gap for at least 108 years. 

Cubs catcher celebrates World Series home run with a bunch of d**k bumps
He bumped his way through the dugout and into history.
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