Conan’s Bendgate sketch is basically one long d**k joke

conan bent iphone

Consult a doctor if your phone stays hard for more than eight hours. 

In the wake of the iPhone 6 release, customers have had to deal with unwanted U2 albums and operating system glitches. But no Apple fail has captured our imaginations like Bendgate. And since this problem is basically an Onion story brought to life, here comes Conan.

In a clip from last night’s show, we see a new ad for Samsung’s rock hard, never flaccid phone, which a lot of people apparently thought was a real Samsung ad. Because that’s how ridiculous this iPhone release has become.

Yes, he basically turned this flaw into one long dick joke. And somehow, that’s appropriate.

Screengrab via TeamCoco/YouTube 

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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