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In this new video, comedy duo poke fun at the site’s culture, and redditors love it.

In a new video, College Humor writers Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld take on the worst tendencies of redditors—and Reddit couldn’t be more pleased.

Redditors have showered the piece with praise, and one even recreated the video’s signature joke, an (NSFW) image macro of Futurama character Fry with a penis photoshopped to his face.

The video is pretty much back-to-back hilarity (and even mentions reddit celebrity Forthewolfx), but here are a few of the best lines:

“It’s called a ‘me-may’”
“I’ll go dickless or Michael Chiklis – Ask Me Almost Anything”
“It’s AmA’s. It’s like an interview. It stands for ‘Ask Me Anytime.’”
“Will you just uptoke it, OK? I’ll go dickless for Chiklis, literally this afternoon, if you uptoke it.”
“Meet me at Blockbuster because we’re renting Rampart and ramming each other’s farts.”
“My dick is off for Michael Chik if this gets one more d-vote.”

Image via CollegeHumor

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