Chrissy Teigen is extremely here for this full-frontal naked dating show

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Chrissy Teigen is in the United Kingdom and stumbled upon Naked Attraction while channel-surfing in her hotel room on Sunday. The English dating show sets couples up based on how much they’re into a nude potential mate. Similar shows abound here in the States, but this one doesn’t shy away from gratuitous naked stuff.

It was popular enough to warrant a second season on British station Channel 4, and Teigen was dumbfounded at, you know, seeing genitals on public TV in a foreign country. Cue the shocked tweetstorm.

Pretty sure most folks can relate:

Eventually, hotel staff entered her room with food, and she nervously flipped the channel:

For its part, the series has been acclaimed as a body-positive show that celebrates diversity. As Metro writes: “Yes, on the face of it, this is a superficial dating show in the most obvious sense of the word, but it’s streets ahead of boring cisgender shows like Love Island or Take Me Out.”

Watch an episode below, just remember that you’re going to see full-frontal nudity and it’s definitely NSFW.

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