Chrissy Teigen threw perfect shade at phony Instagram models

These days, Instagram has become proliferated with fitness and lifestyle models who seem to boast impossibly perfect figures and lead even more impossibly perfect lives, often from tropical locales that many of us could only dream to afford. Of course, “impossible” is the key word here, as many of these models have a little help from the right lighting and angles and a touch of Photoshop here and there. Not to mention, all of the not-so-subtle corporate branding they to do afford such luxury.

Chrissy Teigen recognizes this, so on Saturday the body positive advocate took to Twitter to poke some fun at those so-called Instagram models. “I have been training to be an Instagram fitness model,” she wrote. “This is after one bag of tea and 5 reps of 2 squats!!!! If I can do it so Can U!!!!”

As with most of Teigen’s burns, the joke was short, succinct, and to the point. As others chimed in, the mother of two joked back and had some fun with her followers.

As usual, there were a few who didn’t quite get the joke.

Teigen naturally responded with her trademark sarcasm:

Or others did it for her:

As usual, Teigen, Photoshopped or not, proves that she’s somebody we can all model ourselves after.

Stacey Ritzen

Stacey Ritzen

Stacey Ritzen is a reporter and editor based in West Philadelphia with over 10 years' experience covering pop culture, web culture, entertainment, and news. You can follow her on Twitter @staceyritzen.