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Just like you, Chrissy Teigen had trouble staying awake as the Oscars dragged on

When you’re tired at the Oscars, there’s only one solution.


Josh Katzowitz


John Legend’s fingerprints could be felt all over the Oscars on Sunday. He performed two of his nominated songs from La La Land and won for “City of Stars,” and he was thanked by other cast members who won Academy Awards.

He also provided a nice resting place for the sleepy head of Chrissy Teigen. The model and Twitter superstar, who also happens to be married to Legend, was spotted sleeping on her husband’s shoulder as Casey Affleck won the best actor award and as the Oscars ceremony crept into its umpteenth hour.

Twitter loved it.

Another angle of the snoozing.

To be fair, Teigen had a busy day. She played with babies.

She posed.

She hugged child actors.

She hung out at the bar.

Hey, at some point, you’ve gotta catch a nap, even if that means missing the most outrageous plot twist in Oscars history. On Monday, though, Teigen rose from her slumber, apparently refreshed and ready to engage.

Only everything, Chrissy. 

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