When you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you find a delicious snack, this is what happens.

“Is it really true? Did I leave that!” screams Alexander Gamme, a scraggly looking Norwegian skier who just found a cache of food. “Wow, it’s a DOUBLE pack of cheez doodles. YEEAH I am SO hungry!!”

For 87 days beginning last fall, Gamme had been skiing across the South Pole and leaving packs of food buried under the snow to find on his way back.

“A long ski trip covers the whole spectrum of emotions and experiences, bright moments and dark corners, euphoria and heavy tanks,” Gamme wrote in January after finishing  his expedition.

The opening quote is from a video translated on Reddit showing Gamme digging for his food cache on day 86 of his journey. When he opens the cache he realizes that he had left himself some chocolates, Mentos, and of course, Cheez Doodles.

“What was on my mind? Why did i leave this here? To save weight? Its not possible!” Gamme says. “What the fuck, Mentos?”

Since the video was posted on YouTube Thursday it has collected more than 61,000 views and more than 270 comments on Reddit. One comment claims to be from Gamme himself, who did a short AMA (“ask me anything”) after someone tipped him off to his new found Reddit fame.

“The isolation is your friend, if youre [sic] good at taking care of yourself and if you don’t have any mental issues. If you can enjoy being a solo, you can enjoy a lot here in the world,” Gamme said about how he dealt with the loneliness.

And of course, he discussed the Cheez Doodles.

“It was basicly [sic] amazing…hard to describe really. I mean, It`s hard to describe how hungry you are at this moment..”


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