Charlie Sheen leaves Twitter after 16 wild months

Twitter is no longer high on the drug called Charlie Sheen.

Mar 3, 2020, 4:32 am*



Fernando Alfonso III

The man with tiger blood running through his veins has quit Twitter.

Actor Charlie Sheen has abandoned the microblog after a year worth of coining phrases like “#tigerblood” and “#winning.”

In total Sheen tweeted more than 1,300 messages, many of which were sent during sexy time.

“He’s posting Twitter tweets during sex with me,” porn star and Sheen’s live-in “goddess” Bree Olson told the New York Post. “Charlie discovered Twitter when we started dating, so we had some funny experiences.”

Sheen’s hit TV show Two and a Half Men went on hiatus in February 2011, and he was subsequently dismissed from the program, after the actor insulted creator Chuck Lorre publicly. To help ease the pain, and show the world he had not gone quietly into the abyss, Sheen joined Twitter. His tweets often included clever catch phrases and photos of him posing with Olson. They ultimately helped the 46-year-old actor collect one million followers in 25 hours, the fastest any celebrity has reached that milestone.

Sheen’s last tweet was sent about four days ago surrounding rumors of his departure.

“reach for the stars everyone,” Sheen said. “dogspeed cadre. c out.”

There is still no word as to what Sheen is working on next. But you can be sure his Twitter fans will be anxiously waiting.

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*First Published: Jul 16, 2012, 1:20 pm