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If you thought that nasty tweet you sent about your favorite celebrity made no difference, think again. Celebrities have feelings too, you know.

People on Twitter can be mean: Just ask defenseless celebrities.

So, in honor of Twitter’s sixth birthday, comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel corralled 13 celebrities to read awful, mean-spirited tweets sent to them. The montage stars Roseanne, Will Arnett, David Cross, Louis C.K., Anna Faris and Andy Dick.

“Your message goes right to their computer—or into their pocket—which can be good. Or it also can be bad,” said Kimmel setting up the three minute clip. “We like to focus on the bad.”

The funny video is worth watching just to see the celebrities’ reactions to the insults, like one Twitter user asking if he (or she) could punch Andy Dick “until there’s bones in his stool.” He keeps it together—but just barely. Kristen Bell, on the other hand, loses it for a moment when a tweeter accuses her of being “fucking ugly.” (The profanity is bleeped out on TV).

Will Farrell reads two tweets while sitting on the toilet. 

Since the video was posted Wednesday, it has racked up nearly 7,000 views with one commentator suggesting the montage should be a regular feature on Kimmel’s ABC show.

If the public therapy session keeps at least one celebrity out of Passages, we’re all for it.

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