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Cardi B has the receipts to prove she bought Lamborghinis

Cardi B doesn’t want to choose between Lambos and Waffle House.


Audra Schroeder


Cardi B is a new mom and a new meme and she’s celebrating like a boss.

Over the weekend, she posted a photo of newly purchased Lamborghinis belonging to her and husband, Offset. This was apparently not enough for some critics, who thought perhaps they just leased the cars. Cardi posted the receipt in a now-deleted tweet, but entertainment site the Jasmine Brand reposted the proof.

But people were more taken with another charge: $64 at an Atlanta Waffle House the day before the Lambo purchase. How did she spend that much at a Waffle House? the chorus asked. Feeding your whole crew could add up. Perhaps it was with tip? In October, when rumors of a breakup between Offset and Cardi were swirling, she posted an Instagram story that was ostensibly intended to clear things up. It ended with: “I’m sorry… Waffle House on me?”

Case closed.

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