Play as Walter White in Canvas-inspired video game


Users of the image-sharing community helped create the characters for KILLING IS FUN (WORKING TITLE), a free computer game that just went live. 

With more than one million posts last year, Canvas is the imageboard of choice for meme junkies. Every afternoon, the Daily Dot highlights a collection of images that reflect Canvas users’ current obsession.

Breaking Bad‘s Walter White, a demented Donald Duck and CSI‘s Horatio Caine are three of the characters you can play as in the new Canvas community-inspired video game.

The game is the brainchild of 16-year-old Harry Sommarströmk. He spent the last month building the free computer game KILLING IS FUN (WORKING TITLE) using characters created by users on Canvas, an imageboard created by 4chan founder Christopher “moot” Poole.

“The reason I posted a thread about my game on Canvas is that I don’t want this game ending up in the dumpster like most of my other games,” said Sommarströmk, a high school student in Sweden.

“I needed motivation to keep working on my games and I know that Canvas is great at that.”

In the simple, third-person multiplayer game users can control one of 48 miniature characters who can shoot an array of guns and jump around. 

While Canvas has praised the games design and quirky sense of humor, they have been quick to point out some glitches for Sommarströmk to fix.

“It’d be nice to have my progress save when I exit the game, so I don’t have to unlock all the characters every time I play,” wrote one anonymous user. “Also there should be an ‘options’ menu, where I can do stuff like change it to not be full screen, change the aspect ratio, toggle volumes, etc.”

Regardless, it’s fun experiment in crowdsourced entertainment, with cartoon violence and intriguing characters. 


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